Utility Scale Power

Whether under the Independent Power Producer (IPP) model or operating under corporate or synthetic power purchase agreements (PPA), Stumpf Energy develops and finances utility scale energy assets offering competitive PPA tariffs.

Solar Rooftops

Stumpf Energy develops and builds portfolios of projects in markets where solar rooftop systems can compete with behind-the-meter retail prices. When financially viable these system can be coupled with storage technologies to broaden the system utility.

Hybrid / Multi Energy Systems

Renewables often lend themselves to be partnered with complimentary generation sources. Whether conventional sources of power or emerging innovations, Stumpf Energy have expertise within the group to integrate multi energy systems.

Energy Storage

Stumpf Energy has in-house expertise to develop large scale storage projects either coupled with an energy source or acting independently for grid stability and fast frequency response.

Quality Control

All projects are vetted by strict internal standards and third party technical expertise

Financial Partners

We arrange investment facilities with local and international partners that understand our projects and mirror our culture

Construction Standards

We construct our projects to a highly controlled quality standard using Tier 1 equipment. Depending on the project style we may elect to perform the EPC within the group or utilize construction partners

Risk Management

Through prudent project management we aim to eliminate all risks but also ensure that our operations are underwritten by industry recognized global insurance providers