Kinderworld school benefits from free solar power

Stumpf AMATA Solar has donated to the Kinderworld Education School, located on the AMATA Nakorn Industrial Estate, a single phase on-grid solar PV system with a capacity of 2.6 kWp. The system was installed in May, 2017. Not only will this system provide abundant and clean power for the school, but through its monitoring system allows the pupils to learn, experience and understand how the green energy is produced. Stumpf AMATA Solar is delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with Kinderworld on this project and give back to its local community.

Stumpf Amata brings next-generation power solutions to light

Amata and Stumpf Energy have recently entered into a joint venture to bring clean, reliable solar-generated power to industrial power consumers on Amata’s estates. The JV, now named Stumpf Amata Solar Company will initially focus on commercial and industrial rooftop projects. Stumpf Amata will operate through the entire value chain of projects by developing, financing, constructing, and operating the solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities. Power generated from the PV system will be fed directly into the electrical system of the site and power consumers will pay a service fee to Stumpf Amata. The service fee will result in significant savings to the power consumer because the power will be priced lower than current daytime peak pricing. Because the JV pays for all capital and operational expenses, power consumers benefit from immediate savings.